Ukrainians blow up Russian ammunition depot

Fierce fighting continues between Ukrainian and Russian forces, particularly in regions partially controlled by the Kremlin.

In a video filmed from the air, the moment when an ammunition warehouse in the Kherson region is blown up together with several Russian soldiers who were inside it.

It is being described as one of the biggest explosions since the start of the war in Ukraine, where a Russian army ammunition depot is blown up by Ukrainian army rockets.

The exact location is not known for security reasons, while the Ukrainian army says that dozens of Russian soldiers who were inside the warehouse at the time of the explosion were also killed by this attack.

On the other hand, Kiev has announced that this week they managed to liberate dozens of villages that were under the control of the Russians until now.

Putin’s partial mobilization does not seem to be helping the Russian president, as many of those who have been invited as reservists to go to war have left for neighboring countries such as Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

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