Ukrainian drone drop a bomb that hits a Russian tank


Drone operators in the Ukrainian military appear to have specialized in destroying Russian tanks and other armored vehicles.

Every day, footage is published where Russians are attacked by drones on the battlefield, where as a result entire units of the Kremlin suffer badly.

The most recent case happened in the Mykolaiv region, where the moment when the bomb fell on the T-72 tank, which it blew up, was filmed from the air by a drone.

First, the drone observes and analyzes in detail the tank that was parked under the trees, thinking that they can avoid the Ukrainians.

Then it approaches and the bomb is thrown from the drone which, after touching the tank, blows it up – even pieces of the tank are seen flying.

From this massive explosion, a fiery ball is created and the consequences of this attack are seen, where the tank is completely destroyed.

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