Two million BNB stolen on Binance

Binance, which describes itself as the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, is the latest company to be hit by a major theft this year.

A blockchain linked to Binance was involved in a hacking attack that stole 585 million euros on Thursday night, a spokesperson for the company confirmed on Friday.

Binance has temporarily suspended its blockchain network, BNB Smart Chain “due to irregular activities,” the company wrote on its Twitter account.

On Friday, the company announced that hackers had stolen two million coins of the cryptocurrency BNB – which is issued by Binance, and that the stolen value reached the figure of 585 million euros.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao initially tweeted that 102 million euros worth of cryptocurrency had been stolen.

“Your funds are safe,” Zhao wrote in his post on Thursday evening. “We apologize for the inconvenience,” he concluded his article.

The company stated that coins worth 102 million euros remain “unclaimed” and were moved off-chain by the hacker. The remaining funds are frozen on the BNB chain.

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