Those born after 2009 will not smoke cigarettes


A world without tobacco by 2040. This is the deadline set for the whole world during the last world conference on tobacco and health but there are countries like New Zealand that want to speed up this process.

A ‘smoke-free’ generation by 2025. The purchase of tobacco will be banned forever in New Zealand for children born after 2009, who will no longer be able to smoke. The new measures are seen as a world first and have caused a chain reaction. Many praise it, while others are concerned.

It is Ayesha Verrall, deputy health minister in New Zealand who has promoted the first bill to ban the sale of cigarettes to those born after 2009.

The bill is currently under discussion in parliament and is expected to be approved quickly as the situation in New Zealand is very worrying.

90% of the adult population and 11.6% of citizens aged 15 and over smoke.

With this law, New Zealand aims to drastically reduce the number of smokers below 5%. In addition to the ban on the sale of cigarettes to teenagers, the manufacturing companies will be required to reduce the nicotine levels in cigarettes, which can only be sold in specialized shops, the entry of which will be prohibited for minors.

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