The upcoming Mercedes E-Class wagon


The next-generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class is in its latest stages of development as it has been spotted testing on public roads since December 2021.

However, the executive vehicle has always appeared in sedan form – until recently.

For the first time, the new generation wagon version of the Mercedes E-Class was seen on a public road.

It was waiting for the green light at an intersection, complete with all the camouflage expected of a test car.

There were 2 prototypes, although in fact the differences between them could not be seen from the video.

As expected, the E-Class will look like a scaled-down Mercedes S-Class, with some evolutionary changes to the new model’s design.

The grille is expected to become smaller than before, as well as the headlights will be slimmer. The rear is expected to take the same approach.

In the meantime, the interior could not be seen in the recorded video, but they say that they do not doubt that it will be different than what was seen earlier.

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