Pro-Russian Protesters in Berlin denied invasion of Ukraine

On October 2, 2022, a rally was held in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate. Among others, the Telegram group “Neues aus Russland”, followed by over 180,000 subscribers, has promoted the rally.

Russian national anthem at the rally

Protesters called for a positive approach to Russia. Russia is a part of German culture, they said, and the Russians should be thanked. At the beginning of the rally, the Russian national anthem was played loudly. Some protesters also waved Russian flags.

The Russians are our brothers and sisters, we stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Russia has not invaded Ukraine – that’s complete nonsense. Russia simply wanted to fight fascism in Ukraine. This was all directed by the U.S. and it is a proxy war.

Speech of a protester at the Pro-Russian rally in Berlin on October 2, 2022

Protesters applauded when one protester mentioned in a speech that Russia never invaded Ukraine. Very few protesters attended the rally on Sunday.


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