Norway arrests researcher on suspicion of spying for Russia


Norway’s counter-espionage service has arrested a man who worked on a Norwegian university research project on suspicion of being a Russian spy.

The man was arrested in the city of Tromsoe on October 24, citing the Norwegian Police.

The man arrived in Norway in 2021, presenting himself as a citizen of Brazil, but Norwegian security services believe he is Russian.

The man, who has not been identified, poses a “threat to the core interests” of NATO member Norway and should therefore be deported, authorities said.

The security services are concerned “that he may have provided information about Norway’s policies in the northern region, and Norway does not want this information to be in the hands of the Russians.”

The lawyer of the arrested said that his client denies any wrongdoing. He will remain in custody for four weeks.

Tromsoe is located in the north of Norway and is hundreds of kilometers away from the border with Russia.

According to security authorities, this man attempted to present himself in Norway under a false identity. He has participated in hybrid warfare studies.

The Arctis University of Norway has said through a statement that the arrested person was a “guest lecturer” at this institution.

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