Mancini: It will be hard to watch the World Cup without Italy

Roberto Mancini did not seem too excited about the Qatar 2022 World Cup, highlighting the difficulty of watching the tournament from home.

The Azzurri failed to qualify for the World Cup after their disastrous play-off defeat to North Macedonia earlier this year, forcing them to watch the tournament from afar for the second consecutive time.

Despite the setback, Mancini did not leave his post as Azzurri coach and is now overseeing a national team revolution.

Mancini discussed Italy’s failure to qualify for the World Cup and how it will feel to watch it from home.

“Next month will not be easy for the Italians, watching the World Cup without Italy will be very difficult. It is especially so for me and the technical staff, maybe less for the players who have resumed playing and partially overcome this disappointment,” Mancini said initially.

“I will only feel better when the World Cup is over, but I admit that it will be very difficult to watch it on television,” concluded the Italian coach.

Italy have hit the ground running and taken a positive step forward in the recent international break, beating England and Hungary to secure their place in the Nations League Final Four.

The Azzurri’s next two matches are friendlies against Albania on November 16 and Austria on November 20.

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