Homeless man attacks a girl with scissors


A 24-year-old Los Angeles girl is recovering from brain injuries after a homeless man stuck a pair of grass shears in her head.

Kyle Watts was walking on the sidewalk of Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood when the unprovoked attack occurred.

The suspect for the attack is a 30-year-old man identified as Jonathan Cole, who had a pair of grass shears in his hand and stabbed Watts in the head while she was passing by, the police of this city announced.

Watts, stunned at what happened to him, had run to a restaurant with the scissors still embedded in his skull, and called for help moments before he lost consciousness.

The restaurant staff called the police, and Watts was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

On the other hand, the American police have announced that Cole is in custody, where he is expected to appear in the dock on charges of attempted murder.

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