The ‘hidden message’ in the Twix logo


If you’re an avid chocolate lover, chances are you’ve eaten a chocolate Twix at some point. The sweet chocolate caramel and cookie is a favorite for many – but have you ever taken a closer look at the wrapper?

Social media users have just spotted what appears to be a ‘hidden message’ on the front of the golden packaging and it has a double meaning.

In the dot above the letter “I” in the Twix logo, people have been quick to spot what looks like a pause button with two vertical lines next to each other.

Many fans have said they never realized it was there before until now and have argued for two reasons for its existence.

Some indicated how they thought the two vertical lines were a call to the product that is often sold with two Twix chips in the package. However, others thought it was a “pause button”.

This symbolism dates back to the early 2000s, when the well-known chocolate maker Mars Inc. released a “Need a Moment of Pause” advertising campaign for Twix chocolates.

A voice in the ad says, “When you need a break, munch on a Twix.” Using the web pages, one person said: “I didn’t notice ‘Pause’ until now and take a break.”

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