Erdogan threatens Greece


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened Greece that he will pay a high price if it continues to obstruct Turkish plans in the Aegean.

Erdogan referred to last week’s incident, when, according to Ankara, Greek S-300 surface-to-air missiles based in Crete targeted Turkish warplanes, which he called a “hostile act”.

For its part, official Athens has denied Turkey’s claims, guaranteeing that the “S-300” missiles were not aimed at the Turkish “F-16” planes.

“I call on Greece to see history. If you go further, you will pay a high price,” Erdogan declared at a rally.

Turkey also insists that Greece is stationing its troops on the Aegean islands, in violation of peace treaties signed after the First and Second World Wars.

In his speech, Erdogan accused Greece of occupying the islands. “We have only one word for Greece: Don’t forget Izmir,” the Turkish president said, referring to the end of the Greek occupation, after Turkish forces entered the city on the Aegean coast in 1922.

In aggressive tones, Erdogan added that the occupation of the islands will not stop Turkey.

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