Zelensky mentions the latest developments in the Balkans


Zelensky mentions the latest developments in the Balkans.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that the world’s effective global security architecture must ensure that no state can again use terror against another.

He said that recently, information about conflict situations in different regions of the world is appearing more and more in the world.

“First – the Balkans, then – Taiwan, now it could be the Caucasus… All these situations seem different, although they are united by one factor, namely: the global security architecture did not work.

If it worked, there wouldn’t be all these conflicts,” Zelensky was quoted as saying in a statement.

Ukraine, according to him, has been paying attention to this since 2014, when Russia ignored international law by occupying part of Donbas and annexing Crimea.

“That’s why Ukrainians are now doing a very important thing for everyone in the world. Our people united the free world not only around their fight for freedom, but around understanding how fragile our freedom is.

The freedom of every nation in Europe and in other parts of the world”. And Zelensky believes that this fragility can only be protected by joint action around the world.

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