Thieves try to steal his $130,000 watch in London


An amateur video shows the moment two thugs on scooters smash the windshield of a $5 million Bugatti Chiron with hammers – hoping to steal the driver’s Rolex watch.

Abdullah F. Al Basman from Kuwait, known for posting pictures of sports cars and various gold ornaments, was the target of theft while driving in central London, holding an expensive Rolex Dayton watch worth over 130 thousand dollars.

In the video, thieves on scooters are seen smashing the glass of the multi-million-dollar car with a hammer, but seeing the danger that was threatening him, Basman speeds up and leaves the scene.

This theft attempt happened in the middle of the day in the center of London, where the thieves hit the car window several times with a hammer, but they did not manage to take the expensive watch.

British police believe the incident may be linked to an attack by another man in his 40s who had his watch stolen in Mayfair on the same day.

It is believed that the young man from Kuwait, who was staying at the Berkeley Hotel, was the target of the hoax after posting numerous pictures of sports cars and expensive watches.

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