The operation to separate the twins ends successfully

The operation to separate the twins ends successfully.

Conjoined twins who shared a “brain” have been separated after successful operations that lasted 33 hours.

Bernardo and Arthur Lima underwent several operations in Rio de Janeiro, operations which were performed under the orders of pediatric surgeon Noor ul Owase Jeelani who operates at London-based Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The three-year-old boys underwent 7 operations, including more than 33 hours of operation in the last two operations alone, where the number of medical personnel was 100.

Surgeons have been trying different techniques for several months using virtual reality before starting real procedures.

The operation was led by Jeelani along with Dr. Gabriel Mufarrej, who is the head of pediatric surgery at the Instituto Estadual do Cerebro Paulo Niemeyer.

Jeelani described the operation as a “tremendous achievement” by the doctors, but added that the Gemini Untwined charity relies on public donations to continue their work.

“Not only we have provided a new future for the boys and their family, but we have equipped the local team with the skills and confidence to undertake such a complex job again in the future and carry it out successfully,” stated Jeelani.

Gabriel Mufarrej announced that the hospital where he works has been taking care of the boys for about 2 and a half years, and that the operation they underwent will be an operation that will change their lives.

He added: “Since their parents came to Rio from their home in the Roraima region to seek our help two and a half years ago, they have become part of our family here at the hospital.”

“We are satisfied that the operation went so well and the result of the operation is so important for the boys and their family”, Mufarrej concluded his statement.

Their work was supported by Gemini Untwined, a charity founded by Mr. Jeelani to raise funds for twins who were born conjoined at the head – otherwise known as “craniopagus twins”.

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