NATO countries should spend more on defense


The head of the North Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, has declared that NATO member countries should invest more in defense while Ukraine is facing Russian aggression.

He emphasized that more should be spent on defense, while “we are living in a more dangerous world”, and the Alliance is continuing to support Ukraine against “brutal aggression from Russia”.

Member states have sent weapons, ammunition and various types of heavy military equipment to Ukraine – including anti-tank, anti-aircraft and drones – as the government in Kiev confronts Vladimir Putin’s army.

Stoltenberg said that the military organization he leads is helping Ukraine, based on the right to self-defense, and is doing everything possible to prevent the war from escalating and expanding beyond the country’s borders.

He emphasized that NATO and its allies are not “part of the conflict”, but the Alliance has increased its military presence – especially in the eastern part – sending a clear message to Moscow, that any NATO member country if attacked – will receive the appropriate response from the entire Alliance.

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