Lost consciousness and fell in front of the moving train

Lost consciousness and fell in front of the moving train.

“I don’t know how I’m alive”, were the first words of the Argentinian woman who lost consciousness at a subway station in Buenos Aires, when she fell and ended up under the moving train.

The entire incident was filmed by security cameras, and everyone who has seen the video has asked the same question – how did she manage to stay alive.

The woman who introduced herself as Kandela lost her balance and fell on the platform of the subway station “Indepedence” in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the video filmed in April, which has now gone viral on social networks, Kandela is seen losing her balance, and falls in front of the train that stops at the station at that moment.

The woman was “lucky” as she fell into the space between two wagons and ended up on the tracks, and all passers-by were shocked.

Candela miraculously survived, and the other passengers helped to get her out and take her to the hospital in a wheelchair.

After regaining consciousness, she spoke to the local media emphasizing that at that moment her blood pressure had dropped and she had lost consciousness.

“I tried to warn the person next to me, but I don’t remember anything afterwards, not even the moment when the train passed in front of me.

I don’t know how I’m alive. I’m still trying to figure this out,” she said.

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