Israel carried out new airstrikes in Syria


Tonight the Israeli army carried out airstrikes in the northwestern part of Syria in places where pro-Iranian forces are suspected to be.

Israeli planes launched their missiles over the Mediterranean Sea, southwest of the port city of Tartus, targeting several locations in Hama province.

According to initial reports, two civilians were injured in the attacks, and because of the missiles, Syria activated its air defenses and intercepted some of the missiles.

The area of ​​the Hama region has been targeted several times in recent years and Israeli forces believe the area is being used as a base for Iranian forces in Syria.

The last attack attributed to Israel on Syrian territory was carried out on August 14, when three Syrian soldiers were killed.

Otherwise, Mossad director David Barnea said a new nuclear pact with Iran would not block the agency from taking action against the Islamic Republic, or its proxies across the Middle East, in the future.

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