Cryptocurrencies worth 6 million euros were stolen

Cryptocurrencies worth 6 million euros were stolen.

Nearly €6 million has been stolen from accounts linked to the Solana cryptocurrency network after a hacker targeted eight thousand wallets.

The Solana Foundation, an organization that supports the blockchain network, said a “malicious actor” had taken funds from a number of wallets linked to Solana.

He said the hack had affected about 8,000 wallets, the virtual equivalent of physical wallets where users store their cryptocurrency and private keys that give them unique ownership of their assets.

“Engineers are currently working with multiple security researchers and ecosystem teams to identify the root cause of the exploit, which is currently unknown,” the foundation said via Twitter.

Elliptic, a blockchain consultancy that helps clients fight cryptocurrency-related crime, said the attack began on August 2 and 5.8 million euros had been taken so far.

He said the stolen assets included the Solana cryptocurrency, or SOL, and immutable tokens.

“Users of the Solana blockchain have become the latest target for cryptocurrency hackers,” Elliptic said.

“The attack – which began on August 2 – has so far seen over €5.8 million in funds spent from 7,947 wallets.

The stolen assets include SOL, a small number of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and over 300 Solana-based tokens.”

Elliptic added that the problem appears to be with the software used by certain wallets and not with the blockchain itself, the digital ledger that records transactions that forms the basis of cryptocurrency assets.

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