What are the ten richest families in Spain?


What are the ten richest families in Spain?

The richest families in Spain have become even richer during the pandemic.

Not exclusively because of the pandemic, but during the time of the pandemic.

The wealth of Amancio Ortega stands out, his wealth is 67 billion euros, 33.8 percent of the total of the ten richest people in the Iberian state.

The joint wealth of Pino Calvo Sotelo’s family is 8.8 billion euros, while Sandra Ortega Mera ranks third with 6.3 billion euros.

Florentino Perez, the president of Real Madrid, ranks 21st with 1.7 billion euros. Ana Botin in 55th place with 800 million euros.

We emphasize that Julio Iglesias ranks 62nd with 750 million euros.

Top 10 richest families in Spain

Amancio Ortega, 67 billion euros
The family of Pino Calvo Sotelo, 8.8 billion euros
Sandra Ortega Mera, 6.3 billion euros
Juan Roig and Hortensia Herrero, 6 billion euros
Daurella, 5.3 billion euros
Entrecanales, 4.9 billion euros
Grifols, 4 billion euros
Herraiz, Mahou and Gervas families, 3.64 billion euros
Puig, 3.6 billion euros
Juan Carlos Escotet, 2.7 billion euros.

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