Protesters in Sri Lanka storm the president’s residence

Sri Lanka

Protesters in Sri Lanka storm the president’s residence.

Thousands of protesters have flooded the residence of President Gotabaza Rajapaksa in the Sri Lankan capital.

Demonstrators from across the country have marched in Colombo demanding his resignation after months of protests over his mismanagement of the country’s economic crisis.

It is not known if the president is currently at the residence.

The country is facing rampant inflation as well as difficulties in importing food, fuel and medicine.

Thousands of anti-government protesters traveled in cars, vans and buses to the capital, while officials told AFP that some had even “commandeered” trains to get there.

Authorities had tried to stop the protests by imposing a curfew on Friday night. But the protesters were undeterred and the curfew was lifted after civil society groups and opposition parties strongly opposed it.

Sri Lanka has run out of foreign exchange reserves and is struggling to import food, fuel and medicine.

The UN on Friday urged authorities and protesters to ensure Saturday’s rally was peaceful.

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