The doctor removed the wrong eye during operation

Eye Surgery

The doctor removed the wrong eye during operation.

At Ruzinov University Hospital in Bratislava, the patient underwent erroneous eye surgery.

As a result, the patient lost both eyes while the doctor who conducted the operation was suspended from work.

The case was also initiated by the Health Care Supervision Authority. They have not yet experienced a similar incident at the hospital.

“The hospital offered the patient and his family full cooperation to mitigate the medical, psychological and social consequences. We are very sensitive to this tragic event, of course we communicate with those affected and we will be helpful in all directions “, said Eva Kliska, spokesperson of the university hospital.

The tragic mistake occurred against the backdrop of an industrial dispute in Slovakia’s health sector.

One week ago, the doctors’ union, LOZ, announced that about 3,000 doctors were about to leave their jobs if poor wages and increasingly unbearable working conditions did not improve.

Due to the exodus of staff, especially in the Czech Republic and Austria, the remaining doctors in Slovakia were overloaded for years and the situation was exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

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