Nike leaves Russia completely


Nike leaves Russia completely.

The American company that produces Nike sportswear, is leaving Russia.

“Nike, Inc., has decided to leave the Russian market. “Our priority remains the full commitment and support of the employees, but during the past months we have suspended all activities, and now we are leaving completely”, it is said in the company’s statement.

The official website of this company wrote in Russian about the withdrawal of Nike from the Russian market, announcing the latest decision.

Withdrawal means that with the closure of stores, the website and app will no longer be accessible on this site.

In early March, Nike had suspended all activities in Russia – and the work of this company was not continued for any moment since the beginning of the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

Many American companies have taken similar action since the beginning of the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

Starbuck and McDonald’s are some of the giants that stopped working in Russia. Their decision was also followed by various car manufacturers.

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