Biden’s six-point plan for Europe


Biden‘s six-point plan for Europe.

The NATO summit currently being held in Madrid could significantly change the military situation in Europe, says US President Joe Biden’s six-point plan, which will send a new deployment of US troops to Europe. .

As Biden himself stated, the United States wants to establish a permanent headquarters for the US Army Fifth Corps in Poland, which would determine its presence in this country on the border with Ukraine, which was occupied by Russia.

Subsequently, one of the goals is to send an additional brigade to Romania, which also borders Ukraine.

He also wants to deploy two additional F-35 squadrons in the UK, as well as deploy two new destroyers in Spain.

It is also necessary to improve rotational deployment in the Baltic and to establish new air defense systems for Germany and Italy.

Recall that the NATO summit started today and it is planned to hold two working sessions at the level of heads of state or government and on Thursday, the last day of the summit, a working session at the highest level.

A large police force has been deployed in Madrid as part of the largest security operation in recent Spanish history before the start of the summit, which is expected to have around 5,000 participants.

Police on horseback and on foot patrol the city and the airspace is protected by dozens of helicopters.

According to the Spanish Ministry of Defense, fighter jets and air defense are on high alert.

Information networks are under increased surveillance due to the risk of cyber attacks.

In addition to the leaders of the 30 NATO member states, leaders of a dozen other countries were invited to the summit, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Georgia.

On the agenda of the summit is the issue of how the Russian attack on Ukraine and the new security reality in Europe affect NATO’s approach to defense and prevention.

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