A “Marshall Plan” needed to rebuild Ukraine


A “Marshall Plan” needed to rebuild Ukraine.

Ukraine needs massive financial assistance to be rebuilt after the destruction caused by Russian aggression.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that the reconstruction would take time.

Mentioning the US – initiative to help Western Europe rebuild after World War II, Scholz said he had invited Ukrainian President Zelensky to attend the G7 summit that begins this Sunday, to “agree on what a ‘Marshall Plan for Ukraine’ would look like.

“And just as war-torn Europe then, Ukraine needs a Marshall Plan for its reconstruction,” Scholz said ahead of the successive summits that bring together EU leaders.

While the European Union has already “mobilized” billions of euros for Ukraine, the country will demand much more billions next year, Scholz said.

Financial needs can only be covered with the participation of international organizations and other major donor countries, he has assessed.

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