US introduces other sanctions against Russia

US introduces other sanctions against Russia.

New sanctions against Russia were announced in Washington on Sunday, as President Biden hosted a video conference with other G7 leaders with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

As further punishment for its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, the US unveiled sanctions against three Russian television stations, barred Americans from providing accounting and advisory services to the Russians, and sanctioned Gazprombank executives.

The measures taken against Gazprombank executives were the first to include the trading arm of the Russian gas giant.

The US and its allies have so far avoided imposing measures against the gas exporter bank amid fears that this could lead to gas shortages for EU customers.

A senior White House official said the move “was not a complete bloc” but was intended to signal that Gazprombank “is not a safe haven”.

The new export control restrictions were intended to directly degrade Putin’s war efforts, including controls on industrial engines.

At the same time, the EU will also impose additional controls on chemicals contributing to Russian military efforts, the official said.

The White House also said that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will suspend licenses for exports of special nuclear material to Russia.

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