Duterte to Putin: I kill criminals, not children and the elderly

Duterte to Putin: I kill criminals, not children and the elderly.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for killing civilians in Ukraine, saying the pair have been called killers by many – but he says he kills criminals, not the children of the elderly.

Duterte, who openly says he has Putin as his idol, decided for the first time to criticize him for the start of the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

Speaking of rising fuel prices after three months of fierce war in Ukraine, it seems that this has also affected the Philippines who are complaining about rising prices.

He even called on the Russian embassy in Manila to send “greetings” to Putin to stop bombing and shelling of collective buildings – demanding that civilians be allowed to evacuate.

Otherwise, Duterte has led a brutal war on drugs, in which more than 6,000 suspects have been killed – mostly “small” dealers.

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