US with new sanctions against Russia


US with new sanctions against Russia.

The United States on Wednesday unveiled the latest round of sanctions against Russia for its aggression in Ukraine, this time targeting a major trading bank and “a global network of more than 40 individuals and entities led by Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev.”

In a press release, the US Treasury Department said it was also targeting “companies operating in Russia’s virtual coin mining industry, which is said to be the third largest in the world.”

This was the first time that “a company dealing with cryptocurrency mining” was sanctioned.

In addition, the State Department is imposing visa restrictions on 635 Russian citizens who are “involved in suppressing dissent in Russia and abroad, who have been involved in activities that threaten Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and who have been involved in human rights abuses, ”according to the US Treasury.

“Three Russian officials will also face visa restrictions” for involvement in serious human rights violations and for 17 individuals responsible for undermining democracy in Belarus, “the US Treasury Department said in a statement.

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