Spain reveals cases of new XE variant of COVID-19

Spain reveals cases of new XE variant of COVID-19.

Spain’s Health and Emergency Center (CCAes) has revealed the new XE Variant of Covid-19 in Spain.

XE is a new super adhesive variant of COVID, which is a combined version of Omicron and the so-called subvariant “silent” Omicron, as the latter often can not be detected through COVID-19 tests.

COVID XE can be the most adhesive from all variants.

According to the data, XE is what is called a “recombinant” variant, which may occur when a person is infected with two or more variants at the same time, causing their genetic material to be mixed within the body of the patient.

The new type was first discovered in the United Kingdom on January 19, 2022 with more than 600 cases and was later reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) in early April.

Global health experts say it is too early to draw conclusions on the severity or response of XE to vaccines, and this last variant is not the first “recombiner” that has been developed during the pandemic.

According to a report on Variant XE issued by the United Kingdom Health Safety Agency (UKHSA), this variant so far produces symptoms similar to Omicron, which include fever, cough, nose leak, fatigue and headache.

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