RMR B qualifying matches for PGL Major Antwerp


RMR B qualifying matches for PGL Major Antwerp.

Hot matches await us tomorrow (Thursday) within the PGL EUROPE RMR B, 16 teams in the race to qualify for the PGL Major, but only the top eight will be lucky enough to secure participation in the Major.

The European qualifier B for PGL Antwerp Major, will start with two super matches, G2 will face the team Anonymo, while the Kosovo team Bad News Eagles will face the Russian team Entropic.

The qualifying tournament will last three days, to then continue in May with CS: GO’s biggest tournament, PGL Antwerp Major 2022.

These are the first matches that will take place tomorrow (Thursday) within PGL EUROPE RMR B:

11:00 G2 – Anonymous
11:00 Bad News Eagles – Entropic
12:15 NIP – Endpoint
13:30 Players – Sangal
13:30 Astralis – ASG
14:45 Copenhagen Flames – Sprout
14:45 Spirit – ENCE

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