Red Bull plane swap fails


Red Bull plane swap fails.

It was said it would be a never-before-seen air stunt, but the attempted mid-air plane swap between the Red Bull-sponsored pilots ended instead with a disastrous crash in Arizona.

On April 24, skydiving cousins Luke Aikins, 48, and Andy Farrington, 39, tried to make history when they attempted to switch airplanes midair without pilots in them.

In 2019, Luke became the first person ever to survive a skydive with no parachute. He jumped out of a plane at 25,000 feet, then used special sensors to guide himself to a landing net. 

After they started their flight everything was going as planned until they jumped out of their planes one of the cousins managed to land in the other plane and land it safetly while the other plane started to rotate and crashed into the ground.

The cousin that dident make it into the plane landed with a parachute safetly so nobody was injured.

The FAA has started an investigation on this stunt.

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