Moscow warns of revenge for sinking their warship


Moscow warns of revenge for sinking their warship.

The Kremlin is preparing to launch more attacks on targets in Ukraine in response to what it calls “terrorist” attacks.

If this is seen in combat terms, it is a revenge against the attack on the Mosvka warship, which is considered as Russian pride and its fleet in the Black Sea.

The number and scale of the rocket attacks on Kiev have not been revealed, but experts are seeing it as a response to the sinking of the ship that was considered Russian pride.

These were also confirmed by the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov who said that there will be an intensification of attacks.

Recall that for the destruction of the Russian warship Moskva were given two options – the Ukrainian side claimed to have hit the ship with Ukrainian Neptune missiles that resulted in its sinking, while the Russian side claimed that a fire occurred inside its ammunition depot where the fire then spread throughout the ship.

However, US intelligence later confirmed that the ship had sunk, and that it had been hit by Ukrainian missiles Neptune, which is considered one of the largest attacks carried out by the Ukrainian army.

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