Moscow banker is found dead along with his family


Moscow banker is found dead along with his family.

A double homicide and suicide occurred in Moscow on April 18, 2022.

According to preliminary information, the former vice president of Gazprombank, Vladislav Avaev, shot his wife and daughter before committing suicide.

The dead bodies were found by a relative of the victims who could not get them on the phone. Thus, the woman became concerned and decided to visit her relatives.

She found the bodies of the former Gazprombank vice president and his wife Elena in a room. The body of their 13-year-old daughter Maria was found in another room.

Investigators concluded it was a murder and suicide because Vladislav Avaev, the late head of the family, had a gun in his hand. The reasons for the event are still unclear.

The Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the city of Moscow confirmed the information about the death of the banker and his family.

It was later reported that Vladislav Avaev was in a legal dispute with his wife over the right to raise only their daughter Maria.

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