Kovalenko talks about his family situation in Ukraine


Kovalenko talks about his family situation in Ukraine.

Viktor Kovalenko’s family is in Ukraine, while a friend of the Spezia midfielder was killed by Russian forces while trying to leave the country.

The 26-year-old spoke about Russia’s attacks on his homeland, as he also showed a photo of a dead man outside the car in the city of Kherson.

“He was my friend. He hid for five days, before trying to leave the country with his brother and a woman. “Russian troops stopped him at a checkpoint.”

“They killed the two men and did not even allow them to take the bodies for burial. They held the girl for three hours, then released her. “When they released her, she ran away screaming,” Kovalenko said.

“For now, it is impossible. It is very dangerous. If the Russians see a car in the area, they shoot. They do not care who is inside, whether they are civilians, women or men. There are three border checkpoints in Kherson.

“There is another aspect that needs to be considered. My parents, like many Ukrainians, would never leave their homes. If they leave, they will find nothing when they return. The Russians would come in and take everything. What will you do? “The choice is easy.”

“Stay there and protect your home and your life. “My father has a rifle, he hopes not to use it, but he is ready to do it to protect himself and his family,” said the midfielder.

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