France sends heavy weapons to Ukraine

Anti Tank

France sends heavy weapons to Ukraine.

France will send the Caesar self-propelled howitzer – a long-range weapon – to Ukraine, the Elysee Palace confirmed on Friday.

In an interview with Ouest-France, French President Emmanuel Macron said the country was “distributing considerable equipment and several types of weapons, including Milan and Ceaser.”

“I think we should continue on this path. “We must always have a red line, which is not to be complicit in the war,” added the French president.

About 40 members of the Ukrainian military service will arrive in France to be trained on the new military equipment.

Antitank weapons systems, Milan have already been delivered, said Elysee. Caesar is a truck-mounted artillery system with a self-propelled gun developed by Nexter Systems.

Otherwise, the French army has already used Caesar equipment in various countries, including “Afghanistan, Lebanon, Mali, Iraq and East Asia.”

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