Finland reduces electricity transmission from Russia

Finland reduces electricity transmission from Russia.

Finland has decided to limit its electricity transmission capacity in cross-border connections with Russia, as it fears cyber attacks and other forms of provocation if it applies for NATO membership.

This decision of the Finnish Electricity Transmission Operator (Fingrid) follows those made earlier in the Baltic states. Fingrid claims the restriction is based on analysis and had no political implications.

However, the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service (SUPO) has also called for preparations for possible Russian hybrid operations.

The maximum import capacity will be 900MW instead of the previous 1,300MW. Export capacity from Finland to Russia will remain unchanged, ie 320MW.

According to Energy Finland, about 10 percent of the electricity consumed in Finland in 2021 originates from Russia. Banning energy imports from Russia would not endanger the Finnish system.

The newly built Olkiluoto III nuclear power plant will make the site significantly more self-sufficient.

The future transmission link between northern Sweden and northern Finland will also improve system security.

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