Ukraine: Cereal exports are deteriorating day by day

Crops field

Ukraine: Cereal exports are deteriorating day by day.

The new Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine, Mykola Solskyi has spoken about the difficulties that are emerging in the field of crops due to Russian aggression.

He said on Saturday that Ukraine’s ability to export grain was deteriorating day by day and would only improve if the war with Russia ended.

Speaking at a televised conference, Solskyi said Ukraine, one of the world’s largest producers of cereals, would normally export 4-5 million tonnes of cereals a month – a volume that has dropped to just a few hundred thousand tonnes.

The Minister said that “the impact [on global markets] is direct, dramatic and large. And continues. “Every day more and more the situation will become more difficult.”

Solskyi added that production is taking place in those areas of Ukraine that have not been occupied, but the only way to resolve the crisis is to end the war.

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