Pentagon: Most of the Russian forces have not progressed


Pentagon: Most of the Russian forces have not progressed.

The Russian forces that invaded Kiev have not made any progress over the past weekend, a senior Pentagon official said during a press conference.

The official stressed that the United States believes that Russia is trying to “deploy its forces and advance towards Kiev”, trying to attack from the northern part of the Ukrainian capital.

The attacks in the cities of Chernihiv and Kharkiv remain where they were a few days ago – without any advance, but Russia, according to the American official, has divided the troops with 50 to 60 vehicles, moving towards the town of Izium.

Ukraine, on the other hand, continues to defend Mariupol, despite the city remaining isolated. Russian forces also did not approach the city of Mykolaiv at all.

Ukraine’s airspace “remains contested” according to the American official, so the Russian army does not “own” it as the Kremlin declares.

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