Na’Vi will not continue with players in Russia


Na’Vi will not continue with players in Russia.

The head of the famous organization Natus Vincere, Yevhen Zolotarov, has stated that he will not continue to work with players who live in Russia.

In an interview with the Washington Post, he said the team is not willing to work with people living in Russia or paying taxes in the Russian Federation.

Zolotarov said he would remove players who do not decide to move from Russia, but apparently all the famous game teams will stay the same, undergoing changes to some lesser-known games.

This decision will probably not be valid for Na’Vi’s CS: GO team, which ranks first in the world rankings, with three players from Russia, Denis “electroNic” Sharipov, Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov and Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutskiy, who have expressed readiness to move out of Russia, said the head of the organization.

As for the Dota 2 game, Zolotarov said that the decision will not be made because of political issues, but because of Valve’s decisions not to organize the second season for the “CIS” region, but that there is still nothing to sure about changes to the Dota 2 team roster

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