Kunis and Kutcher raise more than $ 20 million


Kunis and Kutcher raise more than $ 20 million.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have made great charitable achievements, but they are not done yet.

The “Black Swan” actress, 38, and the “No Strings Attached” actor, 44, have now raised over $ 20 million for the people of Ukraine after repeated attacks by Russia.

The news was announced by the star of Ukrainian origin and her husband in a video they posted on Instagram.

“We want to give you a little update on our campaign to stay with Ukraine,” Kutcher said in the video.

“We have raised over $ 20 million in less than a week. And I say we because we are all together. Some people did not have the means to give, and they have done an incredible job of getting the word out and delivering it. But we are not done. “Our goal is $ 30 million and we will get there,” Kutcher said.

“Let’s keep pushing. Let’s keep spreading the word and we, together, can achieve our $ 30 million goal. First aid is already on the ground. Flexport is already sending planes that are sending humanitarian aid to these NGOs and Air BnB is already accepting refugees.”

“There have been over a million children, they are just children, who are in refugee status now, and so everything we can do helps us and we appreciate you,” the actor continued his statement.

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