Kiev reveals Putin’s evil plan


Kiev reveals Putin’s evil plan.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov claimed on Facebook that “the command of the Russian invading forces is currently preparing a series of bloody provocations.”

“According to their criminal plan, the Russian aviation is preparing to strike a series of settlements in the territory of the Republic of Belarus that are close to the Ukrainian-Belarusian border. “In particular, the Kopani settlement in the Stolin district of the Brest region will be hit,” Reznikov said.

And to mask the crime, Russia intends to carry out the attack from Ukrainian airspace,

“The purpose of the provocation is to force the current leadership of Belarus into the war against Ukraine,” he wrote.

“I guarantee that the Ukrainian army has not planned, is not planning and will not plan any aggressive action against Belarus,” he added.

The warning from Ukraine comes on the 16th day of aggression in which Ukrainians are continuing to face Russian bombs.

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