If Russia used chemical weapons NATO could intervene


If Russia used chemical weapons NATO could intervene.

Russia’s use of chemical weapons in Ukraine could prompt NATO to reconsider its decision not to intervene militarily in the conflict, the Polish president has said.

Andrzej Duda was asked if he believed that President Vladimir Putin could prepare to use chemical weapons.

“This is something the world has not seen on this scale since World War II,” he said.

“If you ask me if Putin can use chemical weapons, I think Putin can use anything now, especially when he is in this difficult situation.”

“Politically, he has already lost this war, and militarily, he is not winning it.”

Asked if any such use could spur NATO intervention, he said: “Of course, everyone hopes he would not dare to do so.”

“But… if he uses weapons of mass destruction, that would be a change in the game in general.”

“Of course, [NATO] will have to sit at the table and they will have to think seriously about what to do, because then it starts to be dangerous, not only for Europe…, but for the whole world.”

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