Ed Sheeran announces new music project


Ed Sheeran announces new music project.

He may still be fresh from the release of his fifth album “=” (equal), but Ed Sheeran is not planning to stop.

The “Bad Habits” singer revealed that he already has plans for a new project and fans can expect to hear it next week.

Sheeran, 31, appeared on “The Project NZ” and was asked if his next album would be titled “-” (minus), in line with his math-themed symbol titles.

“Well, this will not be the next project he will publish. I have something else that is a little more of a twist. “Something will come out in 10 days,” said the music star.

Although Sheeran did not provide further details on the mysterious project, he said he did not expect it to be a hit in New Zealand.

“It will be more of a big hit elsewhere. “When you hear it, you will understand,” said Ed, writes People.

The four-time Grammy winner released the album in October, which included songs such as “Bad Habits”, “Shivers” and “Overpass Graffiti”.

This was his fourth album titled after the symbols, after ‘+’ in 2011, ‘x’ in 2014 and ‘÷’ in 2017.

In addition to the mysterious project that will be completed next week – in November, he said he eventually wants to make 10 symbol records, although the next five will not be math-related, and he also plans to make a “No. 7 Project collaborations ”.

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