Gmail with new changes is reaching all users


Gmail with new changes is reaching all users.

As promised by Google, the new look of Gmail is slowly coming to all users around the world.

The design changes aren’t huge, and it’s more about refreshing the user interface.

The Meet, Chat and Spaces sections are now closer and are part of the new overall experience and incorporate elements from Google’s Material Design 3 design language.

Google isn’t stopping there, announcing that later this year Gmail users on tablet devices will also see improvements, better emoticon support and more accessibility features, among other improvements.

Those who use Gmail for work may have already gotten the new look, and Google has left the option to revert to the old design for those who don’t really like the changes. It is not yet known how long this option will be available.

The new interface moves the Mail, Meet, Spaces, and Chat buttons to a single list at the top of the left sidebar instead of displaying multiple conversations from each section of the list. However, they are still easy to access because the list “pops up” on hover.

The changes are part of Google’s new approach to the Workspace suite, which should bring a unique style and new AI-powered features like improved Gmail search.

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